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Is A Moondance Massage Some Sort Of Special Massage? | Bunbury Massage

Moondance Massage Bunbury Margaret River 1I actually have been asked this question!

But no, the word Moondance does not refer to the type of massage therapy I provide – it comes from where I lived.

When I met my ex husband in 1993 he told me he owned a farm in Manjimup, in the South West of Western Australia. Being a city girl, I had no idea where this place was at the time. But gradually during the years that followed, we visited the farm from the various places we lived together – Bunbury, then Karratha.

Our farm was located some 20kms west of the town of Manjimup, in a locality called Yanmah.

In the early 1920s it was a thriving district, with a school, a general store and a general hall. Whilst the school and the store were long gone by the time Dean bought his farm, the hall remained and was maintained by the Shire. They held badmington games, voting and dances.

The Shire then accepted a request from a motorcycle club to make the hall their clubhouse. They maintained the hall for many years. The hall then remained empty and unused for a long time.

Around the time our daughter, Beth, was due to be born, we heard on the bush telegraph that the Shire of Manjimup were seeking expressions of interest for the Yanmah Hall. They did not warrant the expense it would take to make it suitable for public use again, so they were open to all manner of suggestions – move it, salvage it or bring it up to scratch to use in situ.

Now I’m going to blame baby brain here – obviously I was not thinking clearly when I wholeheartedly agreed with Dean’s suggestion to submit an expression of interest to relocate the hall onto our farm (some 500m down the road).

So with a six week old daughter, that’s what we did. We cut the hall in half, put it on a truck (one half at a time) and deposited it on top of the hill on our farm. Many years later, after a long conversion, we lived there for eight years before recently selling it.

Wait, I still haven’t explained where Moondance comes in!!!

Well, although there is absolutely no photographic evidence, in the 1960s the Yanmah Hall hosted many a Moondance … complete with all the trimmings that the swinging 60s were famous for…..!!Moondance Massage Bunbury Margaret River 2

I look forward to welcoming you to Moondance Wellbeing, a place where you can feel totally taken care of.


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I’m delighted to welcome you to my website and look forward to supporting your wellbeing goals with a range of complimentary therapies.  Currently I see clients at the Bunbury Natural Health Centre, 12 Prosser Street, Bunbury.  I offer a range of massage therapy and reflexology and will certainly be available to offer additional treatments in the future.

If you have any questions about massage or reflexology, please be sure to contact me as I’m always happy to answer any questions if it means you taking care of yourself and receiving the support you are seeking.

I hope you enjoy the articles I’ll post regularly.  My goal is to answer your questions and help you to better understand massage therapy, reflexology and other self care and wellbeing opportunities open to all of us.

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I look forward to welcoming you to Moondance Wellbeing, a place where you can feel totally taken care of.  Book online or contact me to talk about the massage therapy and reflexology services offered.