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I am pleased to announce that I will be providing massage services on the second and fourth Saturday of every month at the Wesley Business Centre on Stirling Street in Bunbury.

At Moondance Wellbeing, the focus is always on you.  Offering a range of specialised treatments, my goal is to have you feelng completely taken care of every time you visit.

I often get asked what the benefits of massage therapy and reflexology are. There are many, but here are some of my favourites that focus on how I can personally help you.

I bring a commitment to be completely present and focused on you, my client so you can feel nurtured, treasured and supported at all times thus deepening the benefits of your massage experience.

I massage away physical and emotional stress allowing you to reset your mind and body so you can go back to your day feeling more energised and ready to move forward.

You receive so much more than a massage providing you with added, unexpected health and well being bonuses you didn’t know you wanted or needed which leads to incredible value for money. They’re different for everyone so I look forward to seeing what added benefits are awaiting you.

I bring a diverse range of skills, gathered over many years which means you benefit from my ability to effortlessly individualise your experience.

I have over a decade of experience including diploma level qualifications meaning you can be assured of a treatment of the highest quality every time.

Welcome To Moondance Wellbeing Bunbury Massage Therapy and Reflexology

Experiencing one of Angelique's massages is akin to having a seven night holiday on a tropical island – I don't know how she does it, but I usually turn up all full of self-doubts with a mind full of over-thinking and leave feeling an incredible sense of zen and loving everyone (including myself). Magic hands, beautiful heart and a complete and utter blessing to my world. So so so much more than just a massage, Angelique is my very own 'reset' switch – one visit and suddenly the world is right again“ Leanne Shaw

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Massage Therapy
I've long been a lover of massage and am proud that Moondance Wellbeing offers massage therapy as a core service. Offering etensive health and relaxation benefits, massage therapy is suitable for most people and can aid in general wellbeing, as well as being a supportive way to assist you with acute and long term health issues. If you're not sure if massage is for you then be sure to contact me.  I'm always happy to talk through your individual needs. Find out more about my core services here.

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Specialised Support
Not all massage therapists are trained to support your health and wellbeing at different stages of life and illness. I'm delighted to reassure you that my training and experience means I offer specialised massage therapy for women before, during and after pregnancy. In addition I hold specialist training in Oncology Massage, enabling me to provide massage therapy for individuals experiencing cancer and other long term chronic or terminal illness. Read more here.

Mondance Wellbeing Massage Therapy Bunbury | Angelique Bavich 3 Reflexology

In addition to extensive massage therapy experience and training, I'm delighted to offer reflexology as an added service at Moondance Wellbeing. Reflexology, as with massage therapy, offers extensive benefits for everything from general relaxation and health support, through to taking a role as a complimentary therapy for more acute and chronic health conditions.  Let's just say, it's more than just a foot rub! FInd out more about Reflexology here.

Hi, I'm Angelique Bavich and I'm delighted to welcome you to Moondance Wellbeing!

When it comes to others well-being I’ve come to understand at the core of what I do is helping realise their own path to wellness. It’s been this way for a large part of my life and I am committed to sharing this with every person I have the honour of sharing massage, reflexology and reiki with. Your dreams of health and vitality can effortlessly come from your ability to invest in your well-being, and to your connection to your wisdom.

Your well-being and you feeling nurtured and cared for is my vision for you in every interaction we have.

I genuinely like to heal, help and inspire so people feel in charge of their own well-being, by experiencing deep relaxation and treatment aligned with their needs. This brings an opportunity for better understanding of the balance you can achieve in life and a recognition of the benefits of self care.

When asked to define my purpose I was able to summarise what’s sitting as deep foundations within my work and within me personally. It is to inspire people to practice self care, in a safe environment, to feel vulnerability and learn to draw strength from the vulnerability and well-being experience. I look forward to treating you in the clinic soon.

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